Our Electro-Mechanical (Re-Winding) Services

Our Electro-Mechanical (Re-Winding) Services

We are able to achieve the delicate balance between quality and economy for our clients and we can be a valuable resource in fast tracking projects. We offer quality electro-mechanical services and workmanship to provide the customer with peace of mind that their work is to the highest standards.


Motors, Pumps, Fans, Transformer, Service & SolutionsAL THAWADI ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL EST. is a leading motor rewinds company specialized in Electric motors, Geared motors, Pumps, Fans, Transformers, Vibration Analysis and Site Support Services. We provide the following services to companies in Middle East

  • AC & DC Electric Motor Repair
  • AC & DC Electric Motor Rewinds
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Fan Repairs
  • Geared Motor Repair
  • Pump Repair
  • Transformer Rewind
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • AC Variable Speed Drives
  • DC Variable Speed Drives
  • Inverter Drives
  • Variable Speed Drive Systems
  • Site Service Support
  • Planned Maintenance Programme Support
  • Vibration Analysis

Electric Motor Rewinds, Repairs and OverhaulsAn in-house “free-of-charge”, or on-site initial inspection and report is issued with estimated price and delivery. We will give a fair appraisal and discuss with the client the best line of action. Our vehicles collect and deliver.

All customers’ motors are tracked and treated with care from the moment they are received to the moment they are delivered. The vast knowledge and experience of our workshop engineers ensures that we have solutions to the motor problems that customers bring to us.

  • AC motors from fractional kW upwards
  • DC motors from fractional kW upwards
  • Traction motors
  • Servo motors
  • Brake Motors
  • AC Commutator motors (Schrage, Repulsion type, and others)
  • Special Voltage and Frequencies Additions and Modifications (e.g. thermistors, thermostats, heaters, encoders, resolvers, tachogenerators)

Geared MotorsWe have experience of overhauling and repairing most makes and types of geared-motors. Geared units are completely stripped, cleaned and overhauled with all new seals and bearings. Motors are overhauled or rewound as required, reassembled, and tested in accordance with our Quality Management System.

PumpsWe have experience of most makes and types of pumps including submersible, centrifugal, multi-stage, geared, hydraulic, vacuum, PCP. All pumps are completely stripped, cleaned and overhauled with all new mechanical seals and bearings; motors are overhauled or rewound as required, reassembled, and tested in accordance with our Quality Management System.

FansRepair of all types of fans. Services provided:

  • Shot Blasting
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Repairs to Impellers/Vanes/Blades
  • New Shafts fitted
  • Bearings & Bearing Housing Repair/Replace
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Repair to Housings

Transformer RepairWe strive to become recognized as the best source for high quality repair and redesign of all manufacturers of electrical transformers, regulators, switches, bushings, and any related services. We will serve you with the utmost in customer care and fast turnaround on electrical equipment repairs.

Transformer Repair
Bushing Repair
  • High and low voltage bushing
  • Reconditioning and repair


Repairing and Rewinding Special Transformers
  • Current coils
  • Potential coils
  • Constant current regulators
  • Small lighting transformers
  • Small control transformers
Service Work On Location
  • Vacuum filling
  • Retrofilling
  • Load trap changer repair on power units (all manufacturers)
  • Oil sampling
  • Testing and inspecting T.T.R. Test - Doble testing
  • Pull bushings, radiators, and pump out oil, preparing unit for shipping to repair shop
  • Transportation to and from location
  • Installing bushing, radiators, and vacuum filling to ready the unit for service

Site SupportAL THAWADI ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL EST. provides a variety of on-site services to ensure that your motors, pumps, fans, Transformers and process equipment are kept working effectively. Our engineers have many years of hands-on experience to call upon when diagnosing and remedying problems in a wide range of equipment.

Maintenance Programmes involving Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), absorbs personnel time to monitor, record, review, plan and implement. We do Predictive Monitoring using Vibration Analysis. On-Site removal and fitting of equipment, fast turn-round repairs.

Vibration AnalysisIt is natural for machines to vibrate. Each machine has a level of vibration that is generated as normal or inherent. However, when machine vibration increases or becomes excessive, a mechanical problem is usually the cause. Modern instrumentation for measuring vibration on rotating and reciprocating machinery makes it possible to detect developing problems, including whether the possible prime cause is electrical or mechanical.

As well as identifying actual or potential problems we provide solutions including on-site balancing, machine/coupling laser alignment, and planned maintenance programmes.

We are using SKF vibration analyzer with our trained operator, can identify the Unbalance, Mechanical Looseness, Misalignment, Oil Whirl, Electrical Problems, Bad Gears, Aerodynamic Forces, Hydraulic Forces, Reciprocating Forces, Bad Anti-friction bearings.