Suppliers of Machinery and Spares

Suppliers of Machinery and Spares

We are the sole authorized sales and service agents for Mahindra Powerol generator sets in Kingdom of Bahrain. These gensets are powered by Proven Mahindra Engines and are branded as Mahindra Powerol. They incorporate the latest technology and offers several advantages-they respond to sudden loading and unloading conditions, less noise level, less vibration, voltage fluctuations and are designed to assure hassle free operations.

The combination of class of Mahindra machines and well backed and proven after sales support service from Al Thawadi Electrical and Mechanical Est. enables the clients for a trouble free and economical operation of the generators.


Mobile Trailer Units

Mobile Trailer UnitsMobile generating sets are available throughout the full kva rating of the PowerCo range. Trailers (2 to 6 wheel) meet all relevant road traffic regulations and are generally used in conjunction with with weatherproof canopies or sound shields.

We offer several different trailer options, namely basic braked and none braked site trailers which are only suitable for off highway use due to the lack of lights etc., then there are full EEC and none EEC trailers which are suitable for on highway use depending on which Country the unit will be used in.


Control Systems & Switchgear

Control Systems & SwitchgearPowerCo control systems offer a wide range of control system specifications to suit your particular requirements, we tend to use Deep Sea Electronics for the control modules, and ABB for the actual switchgear.

We decided during 2009 to standardise on the Deep Sea 7210 digital auto start control module and move totally away from using anologue instruments. We offer Automatic Mains Failure Sensing and Mains Monitoring upgrades by using the 7220 DeepSea module, and also for more complex requirements we use the 7310 and 7320 modules.


Weatherproof and Acoustic Canopies and Containers

Weatherproof and Acoustic Canopies and ContainersThe fully weatherproof sound attenuated enclosures combine the expertise of specialist acoustic engineers and extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of specialised packaged generators suitable to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, in both sensitive and none sensitive noise applications around the world.

We can manufacture bespoke enclosures designed to the client’s specific requirements, whether it’s the Arctic or the Sahara Desert our units are always fit for purpose.

Our canopy design suits units up to 1000kva, and above this range due to shipping size restrictions we use modified ISO containers.


Fuel Tanks

PowerCo generators come complete with single skinned 8hr base fuel tanks on units rated upto 800kva, above this rating we recommend using remote mounting floor standing bulk fuel tanks which will give you stnadard or extender required running times.

Fuel TanksA common option is to use a base fuel tank which is automatically filled from a remote bulk tank. A high and low level siwtch are mounted within the base tank, when both switches are down this starts a remote DC or AC fuel pump which starts to fill the base tank from the remote tank, only when both sitches are in the up position does the pump switch off.

We also offer fire protection systems, the most common of which uses solder joints mounted on wires above the engine, should there be a fire the solder melts releasing a weighted valve which inturn shuts off the fuel to the engine. A mercury micro switch will also be activated which can be used to shutdown the genertaor and also trigger a fire extinguishing system.